GHU Battery 58 WH Compatible With Toshiba PA3817U-1BRS PA3818U-1BRS L755 L675 L750 L700 P755 P750 C655 6 Cell Black


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Compatible Part Number: Verified PA3817U-1BAS PA3817U-1BRS PA3818U PA3819U, PA3817U-1BRS can be used to replace PA3819U-1BRS 12 cell battery PA3816U-1BRS PA3816U-1BAS For Toshiba laptop battery PA3817U-1brs OEM Compatible Laptop Models: Verified Satellite C600D Satellite L750 L755 L755D Satellite L700 Satellite A600 Toshiba Satellite A655 (Toshiba Satellite A655 Battery Charger shall be used to charge battery) Satellite A660 Satellite A660D Satellite A665, A665-S6050 Satellite A665D Satellite C675 Satellite C675D Satellite L630 Satellite L635 Satellite L640 Satellite L645 Satellite L645D Satellite L650 Toshiba Satellite L655 (Toshiba Satellite L655 battery and charger can be bought as a pair Satellite L655D L655-S5150 Battery Satellite L670 Satellite L670D Satellite L675 Satellite L675D Satellite L730 Satellite L735 Satellite L735D Satellite L740 Satellite L745 Satellite L745D Satellite L750 Satellite L750D Satellite L770 Satellite L770D Toshiba Satellite L775 Battery Toshiba Satellite L775-s7215 Battery Satellite L775D Satellite M640 Satellite M645 Satellite P740 Satellite P740D Satellite P745 Satellite P745D Satellite P750 Satellite P750D Satellite P755 Battery Satellite P755D Satellite P770 Satellite P770D Satellite P775 and P775D series Satellite Pro L630 L640 L670 L740 L770


  • New GHU Battery For Toshiba PA3817U-1BRS Laptop Battery – 6 Cells 58 Wh 5200 mAh, compatible to a665-s5179 a665-s5186 a665-s5199x a665-s6050 a665-s6085 a665-s6086 a665-s6094 a665-s6100x a665dc55d-b5319 c605 c640 c645 c645-sp4250l c655 c655-s5049 c655-s5082 c655-s5118 c655-s5122 c655-s5123 c655-s5128 c655-s5132 c655-s5206 c655-s5212 c655-s5225 c655-s5301 c655-s5305 c655-s5501 c655-s5503 c655-s5504 c655-s5512 c655-s5514 c655-s5540 c655d c655d-s5136 c655d-s5200 c855 c875d L655 C655d P755 L755D.
  • Compatible Part Number: PA3817U-1BAS PA3818U, PA3819U, PA3816U-1BRS PA3816U-1BAS, also perfect fit for m505 m640 m645 m645-s4045 m645-s4050 m645-s4070 m645-s4115 p745-s4102 p745-s4217 p745-s4320 p750 p750d p755 p755-s5120 p755-s5182 p755-s5184 p755-s5215 p755-s5262 p755-s5272 p755-s5274 p755-s5320 p755-s5385 p755-s5387 p755-s5390 p755-s7320 p770 p775-s7320.
  • Design for l745-s4310 l745d l750 l750d l755 l755-s5110 l755-s5112 l755-s5153 l755-s5167 l755-s5170 l755-s5175 l755-s5213 l675d-s7052 l675d-s7100 l675d-s7104 l675d-s7106 l730 l735 l755-s5248 l755-s5256 l755-s5271 l755-s5306 l755-s5311 l755-s5358 l755-s5360 l755d l755d-s5106 l755d-s5130 l755d-s5162 l755d-s5204 l755d-s5218 l755d-s5250 l75d l75d-a7283 l770 l770d l775 l775d l775d-s7132 l775d-s7332 l775d-s7340 l830 l840 l840d l845 l855-s5210 l855d l875d.
  • This is a li-ion OEM 58 WH 5200 mAh 10.8V computer replacement battery, it can last much longer than regular Toshiba Laptop Battery PA3817U-1BRS and PABAS228 4200 mAh. This battery can be used to replace PA3819U-1BRS 12 cell battery; Special note, our battery will compatible with Toshiba Satellite L755 Battery and P755 battery.
  • also for the following model series: c655d-s5136 c655d-s5200 c675-s7103 c675-s7106 c675-s7200 c675-s7308 l655-s5096 l655-s5098 l655-s5101 l655-s5115 l655-s5146 l655-s5150 l655-s5153 l655-s5154 l655-s5156 l655-s5157 l655-s5158 l675 l675-s7018 l675-s7048 l675-s7108 l675-s7110 l675d l675d-s7015 l675d-s7052 l675d-s7100 l675d-s7104 l675d-s7106 l730 l735 l735d l740 l745 l745-s4110 l745-s4130 l745-s4210 l745-s4235 l745-s4310 l745d l750 l750d l755 l755-s5110 l755-s5112 l755-s5153.
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